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All of Tom's books. “Although in business for over 40 years, Tom's books gave me information of which I wasn't aware. I haven't found a single situation an entrepreneur, or anyone, can experience to which Tom doesn't offer a solution. Tom promotes distinctly original yet amazingly simple ways to tackle life and business. His approach can, as I have found, literally make the difference in seeing success or failure. Every book is worth far more than any asking price. I have saved a lot of my most precious asset, time, thanks to Tom. And time translates into the ability to earn more and to relax more. For years I took the wrong approach. As an example, I never considered myself to be much of a salesman. Tom taught me that I didn't need to be. He showed that I only needed to be a helper - 'Give people what they want, then later you can give them what you want!' - an absolute eye-opener! So I strongly recommend reading his books. He writes with clarity and a sharp wit. Tom believes life should be fun! I guarantee that every reader, in whatever walk of life, is bound to find a barrel load of value, pleasure and surprises in his work." - Dennis Thorgesen, CEO, Lisech eMarketing, Nebraska. Click for Amazon sales page.

The Secret World Of Self-Employment, personal achievement paperback and ebook written by Joseph Tom Riach


The Secret World Of Self-employment. "I love this book! Right from - 'Successful enterprises are born in the imagination' - to - 'The perfect business should provide the maximum income from the least effort', Tom's mastery of his subject and of the written word stand out. He has a way of expressing his thoughts and conveying his message in clear, simple and fun ways. The book is in three parts - 'FREEDOM! ACTION! and REWARD!' Each delivers exactly what Tom says it will. I am so impressed by his guidance for budding entrepreneurs to interview yourselves in order to find how you measure up to the task of working for yourself. He leads you through the interview and how to deal with the result - should you fail or when you pass. You'll read of this totally original approach nowhere else that I know of. This alone is incentive to get the book - but all of his POWER POINTS are formidable. I see his thought provoking ideas and practices as being of immeasurable benefit to all people, regardless of employment status. So I urge everyone to take the time to read and absorb his guidance. My own experiences in business tells me to pay attention. You know the saying - 'Experience is the best teacher' - well that’s what you get here. Tom's exceptional experience, knowledge and totally individual approach all wrapped up in one priceless, treasure of a book. You will read it again and again and refer to it often." - Terri Pattio, Founder, Syndication Express, Texas. Click for Amazon sales page.

Self-Improvement Should Be Fun!
	- successful lifestyle paperback and ebook written by Joseph Tom Riach


The Road To Joyful Living. "The book is amazing. Tom's writing is impeccable. I've become a fan! I am glad to have 'met' him and I'm a better person for it. He write as if I'm in his home in the sunny south of Portugal and he's talking directly to me. His stories are not just interesting but entertaining too, with a valuable lesson in each one. The Power Points are awesome. Importantly, I've learned that 'success' is not just about having a business but more so about self-evaluation and controlling your own life. So I am already taking action on the principles he lays out. I also like how he puts the emphasis on 'You' the person to be happy and enjoy yourself while you're growing. I've identified several areas where I can improve. And Tom gives great advice on how to do it. The insights he shares apply to all areas of life. So I know that every point in the book will target something in every reader, entrepreneurs and non-entrepreneurs alike. Buying his book has been my best ever investment. I know I'll be referring to it often. I consider it to be essential reading on the road to self-improvement and self-discovery. I think it's a best seller, hands down. It's small in price but priceless in content!" - R.T., Pennsylvania. Click for Amazon sales page.

The Simplest Sales Strategy 
	is Tom Riach's paperback and ebook about how anyone can sell professionally or just improve their life


The Simplest Sales Strategy. "Can you sell anything to anyone just by being yourself? Tom says, 'Yes', and after reading this book I understand why. I've learned that it's not about selling at all. It's all about knowing yourself and communicating effectively with others. This being so, then this is the best 'non-sales' book I've ever read. What Tom has to say can apply to everybody. He promotes a way of presenting yourself and interacting with people so as to show your best self all the time, in all situations. I'm already seeing a marked difference in my own life by putting into practice what he says. It's incredibly simple and absolutely works. In the book he doesn't just explain the theory. What impresses me most is that he provides a simple 'A-B-C formula' to follow. He spells it out word for word. Within days of reading the book and learning his method, I found people responding to me differently than I'd noticed before. I get a lot more smiles and positive reactions. I can see why Tom became so successful. The book is also amusing. The fun side of his approach makes for pleasurable as well as educational reading. I don't often read a book which inspires me to write a review. But 'The simplest Sales Strategy' is the exception. It is everything that the blurb says - and then more again!" - D.Y., Ontario. Click for Amazon sales page.

Mastering The Art Of Making Money, successful lifestyle paperback and ebook written by Joseph Tom Riach


Mastering The Art Of Making Money. "After first reading 'Mastering The Art Of Making Money' in 2016 I had my best year in business ever. Every year since has been even better. I keep your book close by and consult it often. As a direct result, I have gone from a very small operation to one with four divisions and I'm now developing my fifth one. I have brought on a small sales staff for this new division and will be bringing on more shortly. The best thing about it all is that, thanks to you, I am debt-free. Do I work hard? Yes, I do. But it is because I love what I do and have fun, just as you recommend. The reason I always say that reading you was a life-changing event for me is because I would still be unhappy and struggling with a small operation if I had not read the book. One can think they know all of the must-have techniques as I did, but you have to know how and when to apply them. That's the difference. Thanks Tom!" - Micky Gramlin, CEO, CodeBlue For Business, Indiana. Click for Amazon sales page.

Because I Feel Like It, independent thinking paperback and ebook written by Joseph Tom Riach


Because I Feel Like It! "I just wanted to say thank you for 'Because I Feel Like It!' Your books have literally changed my life. I don't say that lightly. Your teachings focus everything that happens in your life on you. There is no room to play the blame game or dwell on the negative. But to keep moving forward no matter, and the solution/answer will come. And you put emphasis on the total person, physical, mental, and emotional because all those things have to be in harmony to get good results, no matter what your goal is. I put your work on the same level and more so than 'Think And Grow Rich' and that's what I put in my Amazon review. I mean it sincerely, the only thing I regret is that I didn't get your books sooner in life." - R.Robinson, Pittsburgh, USA
“An eye-opening adventure of a read! Tom's take on free thinking is priceless. I came away from the book with a whole new mindset.” - Dennis Thorgesen, Lisech eMarketing, Beatrice, Nebraska. Click for Amazon sales page.

Yes You Can!
	- independent thinking paperback and ebook written by Joseph Tom Riach


Yes You Can! “Today you made a difference in my life! You are about to be made aware that you have just become one of my favorite mentors. I read your book on Saturday night then just read and re-read it, again and again. I love it. It just about blew me away. You've become such an inspiration to me. I know that if I follow your lead I'll be able to accomplish whatever I set my mind to do. Much is said about monetary wealth but I am richer by far in the true sense for having read your work. My gratitude has reached it's peak today. Your books, all of them, your writing style and humour is right up there with James Herriot! You're one of the best authors I've read in a long time. I think that's because what you write is so relevant but I also enjoy the way you always manage to lace a little humor into your stories. Keep on, keepin' on!” - Wilma M. Ludgrove, Wisconsin
“I consider your books to be my most valuable possession. They and the stories in them help people. They help make the world a better place both now and for future generations. And, with your thoughts and ideas added to my own experience, I am able to help others. What you write about a hand-up instead of a hand-out is explosive!” - Terry Dunn, California
"Yes Tom. Your book does show the express way to boost your life today and a lot more besides. What's great is your humour too. It makes learning fun." - A.G., Leuchars, Scotland. Click for Amazon sales page.

Winning Big In Life And Business is 
Joseph Tom Riach author, paperback and ebook, how to work smart and control your own destiny


Winning Big In Life And Business. “Fantastic. This is a superb read. A true 'How to change your life' book! If anyone is even pondering about making a purchase, please allow my humble testimonial - One of the best investments you can make into your journey towards personal success is to read this book. Like every other book written by Tom Riach, this offering has incredible value. Knowing the definition of what it takes to succeed in life and business is important, and Tom supplies that. But he has the personal experience to go deeper and reveal the 'How' to make it all a reality. You will gain insights to success, you will laugh, you will reflect upon your own character and, sometimes, you will just sit in awe because all of a sudden things of life become clearer. He is a brilliant writer who connects to any reader. If you have not read 'Winning Big In Life And Business, you are missing out! It is simply wonderful! This book will put a smile on your face, and success in your future - if you apply the wisdom within! Tom will bless your life with his mastery of successful living - and of the written word!" - Randy Ireland, Arkansas. Click for Amazon sales page.

Self-Improvement Should Be Fun!
	- successful lifestyle paperback and ebook written by Joseph Tom Riach


Self-Improvement Should Be Fun! "This book gives a gloriously original view of personal development, what it is and what it means. It is seriously well written, addresses the topic with real authority, is often very funny and is inspirational too! There is no other book on the subject comes close to matching the author's unique mix of gravitas and humour. Joseph T.Riach (Tom) has brought his lifetime of experience in assisting people in their lives and businesses to life in vivid fashion in a rich blending of his personal views, experiences, anecdotes and conclusions. He expresses with authority and clarity his belief that bettering yourself should be an enjoyable endeavour and helps you to identify why and how personal development will work for you. His motto is to live life, laugh and love! - and become a better person as a result." - Literary Review. This is the Kindle version of 'The Road To Joyful Living'. Click for Amazon sales page.

Too Early For A Glass Of Wine - 
	mystery novel, paperback and ebook, Joseph Tom Riach author, buy at Amazon


Too Early For A Glass Of Wine. “This is an intriguing read! On the surface, an easy, well-developed and interesting story of four very different individuals. But at the same time you can't resist being drawn in by the - 'But why?....wait a minute....!' sub-story (no spoilers!) which ultimately makes this very good book a truly fascinating and rewarding one. ” - I.R., London
"Your novel is an absolute delight. It reveals your love of writing. You have the powerful advantage of imagination and visualisation working for you. I fully expect the book to thrill readers and attract for you a huge following." - L.W., Missouri.
"Wow Tom, so glad I read your story! Loved it. Now I see why you are so highly regarded. Thanks for a great read. Definitely the mystery novel of the year! I will be back!" - Sue Collier.
“Beautiful and breathtaking story depicted with great mastery and style. Chapeau, Sir. I have just discovered an amazing genuine writer." - Khalid Mouzaki, Marrakech.
“Loved how the tale keeps you guessing, particularly the wisdom of Josmas imparted to Tommy. There's a distinct parallel to many current circumstances." - Steve Fazia.
"No revelations except that it's a great read and not what I expected ... which made it even more exciting. I was up most of the night reading it and the next day carried the book with me to read a page or two when I could. I couldn't put it down. It just keeps you hanging on!" - M.G., Indiana Click for Amazon sales page.


"Loved your book - highly recommend it!" - Bill Bateman, Owner, 21st Century Financial, Albuquerque, New Mexico

"Astonishing! Everyone will want to be self-employed after reading this." - Martin Nuttal, MD, Caspro Enterprises, England

"Winning Big is as good, or better, than any of the books I have read by the so called 'masters' of personal development and 'success' training." - Don Merrill, Internet Training Coach, San Antonio, Texas

"A very revealing and powerful life lesson given, Tom! Truly!" - Randy Ireland, Sulphur Springs, Arkansas

"After reading your book twice I will read anything you put into print! I'm still fired up and hungry for more." - Micky Gramlin, ICA Network Founder, New Market, Indiana

"After all these years ... I thought I knew most of what I needed. NOT so! I learned so much more, I loved your book! It was worth every penny and I truly think you should charge more for it!" - Whitney Jacqueline, Lotto Magic Team Leader, New Orleans, Louisiana

"Tom's excellent book is educational, informative and beneficial ... take advantage of it." - Terri Pattio, Founder of Syndication Express, Port Arthur, Texas

"Winning Big In Life And Business is a powerful read and a book hard to put down." - Micky Gramlin, ICA Network Founder, New Market, Indiana

"If you don't learn how to make serious money from this then you never will," - Antonio Leal, MD, ABus4U, Faro, Portugal

"Tom is a person to listen to, he shares great things and is always out to help others." - Wanda K.Robinson, Internet Marketing Specialist, Naples, Idaho

"Put time aside to read this ... it shows you how to use what you enjoy to improve your life and finances." - Dennis Thorgesen, CEO, Lisech eMarketing, Beatrice, Nebraska

"I got so much from Self-Improvement Should Be Fun! I am almost a different person." - Dawn Meyers, Mullica Hill, New Jersey

"Definitely a good read if you are determined to become wealthy." - Ann Gilmour, Clackmannan, Scotland

"I highly recommend this book, it will provide a different slant on making money." - Gerald Begg, MD, Gerry Begg Pty Ltd., Maiden Gully, Australia

"I'm only in the 6th chapter but already I'm convinced that every marketer needs this book! It's easy to read and packed with instructions, examples and power points." - Randy Ireland, SFI Team Leader, Sulphur Springs, Arkansas

"I read 2 of your books in 2017 ... and ... I just had my best year (in business) ever!" - Micky Gramlin, ICA Network Founder, New Market, Indiana

"Winning Big In Life And Business is a must read. Stellar!" - George Pierce, Founder and CEO, The Internet Marketer Training Channel on YouTube, Weaverville, USA

"Wow says it all ... an amazing read ... I've found myself saying 'Wish I had known that earlier!" - Whitney Jacqueline, Lotto Magic Team Leader, New Orleans, Louisiana

“Having read many books over the years about making money, I thought surely I must have read about every good idea by now … how wrong I was!” - Martin Nuttal, MD, Caspro Enterprises, England

"It is about time that someone shared the nuts and bolts necessary to become a super achiever" - David Snell, Founder and CEO, Snell Experts, Charlotte, North Carolina

"The plot of Mastering The Art Of Making Money is fascinating. Absolutely the best non-fiction book I have read. Tom Riach did an amazing job and I would recommend this book to everyone." - Anne-Marie Ronsen, CEO, KBI Marketing, Akershus, Norway

"He peppers the book with interesting and amusing anecdotes which make it fun and easy to read." - Ann Gilmour, Clackmannan, Scotland

"I loved your book Self Improvemnet Should Be Fun" - Dawn Meyers, Mullica Hill, New Jersey

"I've learned so much that has helped me in my business and personal life." - Whitney Jacqueline, Lotto Magic Team Leader, New Orleans, Louisiana

"Your book is filled with golden nuggets. A highly recommended read." - Bev Austin, Milton Keynes, England

"Send this book to those you care about and proclaim it to everyone seeking financial freedom!" - Randy Ireland, SFI Team Leader, Sulphur Springs, Arkansas

“His sense of humour keeps you reading … it is inspiring, informative and has given me fresh impetus to start a couple of new ventures.” - Martin Nuttall, MD, Caspro Enterprises, England

"Mastering The Art Of Making Money is 'must reading' for every single person who is trying to make money." - Don Merrill, Internet Marketing Coach, San Antonio, Texas

"There is no doubt in my mind that this book is worth the asking price and in reality much more!" - Dennis Thorgesen, CEO, Lisech eMarketing, Beatrice, Nebraska

"Your wisdom and experience places you at the top of the list that I don't ever want to miss. Your ability to intertwine humor with thought-provoking commentary teases the brain to reflection." - Randy Ireland, SFI Team Leader, Sulphur Springs, Arkansas

"Your book is all that you say it is!" - Leroy Ross, Snellville, Georgia

"Tom Riach's self belief, positive outlook and advice are totally convincing. His thought provoking ideas and values stand up in any walk of life." - Ann Gilmour, Clackmannan, Scotland

"I am purchasing all of your books. I am very interested in knowing what you wrote about in those books that can change my way of thinking." - Dawn Meyers, Mullica Hill, New Jersey

"Parts of the book you will want to read more than once. One chapter alone has helped reduce my own work time by 20%!" - Dennis Thorgesen, CEO, Lisech eMarketing, Beatrice, Nebraska."

"..... eye opening education!" - Whitney Jacqueline, Lotto Magic Team Leader, New Orleans, Louisiana

"Well written!!" - Chris Pesch, Antwerp, Belgium

"I cannot express strongly enough the true value of this book." - Randy Ireland, SFI Team Leader, Sulphur Springs, Arkansas

"I recommend the book for anyone who wants a whole new perspective on the art of making money." - Micky Gramlin, ICA Network Founder, New Market, Indiana

"I enjoyed your book very much. I found it very well written and informative too, just like listening to you speaking." - Eileen McDowell, Personal Counsellor, Yorkshire, England

"Joseph Riach writes in an easy-going style about a subject which fascinates us." - Gerald Begg, MD, Gerry Begg Pty Ltd., Maiden Gulley, Australia

"Everyone should read your books. I am reading Self Improvement Should Be Fun! now and almost done. I feel like a different person." - Dawn Meyers, Mullica Hill, New Jersey

"I am so impressed by what I have read ... this is a must read book!" - Nichola James, SFI Team Leader, New Jersy, USA

"The life of which you dream is here within your grasp. Go for it!" - Tom Riach, Author

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